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Hearing crickets on your Facebook Fanpage?

3 Reasons Social Media Marketing Campaigns FAIL because:

  1. No variety in your social media content: No one likes to eat the same food everyday. Switch it up! Post a variety of posts that keep your audience engaged.

  2. You have a megaphone conversation instead of a telephone conversation: Pour into your audience instead trying to take from them. They must trust you in order to connect. Once you do that, the cash is in the connection!

  3. You lack consistency : Your online audience wants to know they can count on you to produce the same efforts every day, week and months to come. Don’t disappoint because you get too busy.

THE FIX: A Facebook Fanpage Analysis includes:

-Current Fan page activity rating

-3 Step Action Plan for increased activity for YOUR Fan page

-FREE ebook (How to L.I.E. to your Social Media Audience)

-FREE Social Media Marketing Audios

The results of your review will be sent via email OR

 we can chat via a 10 min phone call! 

*Your investment is only $27


Follow these steps:

1. Submit payment

2. Receive link for FREE ebook

3. Submit Fanpage and contact information to start analysis

4. Receive results of Fanpage analysis within 24 business hours.