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How to L.I.E. to your Social Media Audience: 

Learn the 3 step formula on how to effectively connect with your online audience:

L = Leverage your audience connection

I = Interact with your Online Audience

E = Enforce Your Value


-Why social media is important

-Social media marketing vs. traditional marketing

-How to sell ice to an Eskimo: Learning your key benefit offer

-7 ideas for creating engaging posts

-80/20 posting rule

Step 2: Interact

-Tools for platform management

-MUST-HAVE tools for listening to online conversation

-What are Hashtags? Using hashtags and keywords to tap into online chatter

-2 step formula for handling online criticism

Step 3: Enforce

-Measuring online success

-ROI - How to convert "likes" into loot

-How to be your own success story

-Being a small business that gets BIG results

Step 4 : Implementation Week

-Create your 1 week Social media campaign

-Create video series

-Create hashtag campaign

-Create ROI strategy

*Attendees that take this seminar are more equipped about how to utilize social media for their business. They graduate with an action plan that gets RESULTS! And more importantly, they never hear crickets again!